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Originally Posted by bk brkr baker View Post
Whoa, just rewatched Mad Max last night and saw the real Goose bike doing it's thing.
And you show a pic of a modern faux Goose bike !
Mad Max and the Road Warrior movies are time capsules of the '70s. Faking by dressing up a retro bike = fail !
A beat up , flat black piece of shit based on '73 to '76 900 Kawasaki would be far more realistic than your example.
I know I can't believe I missed that. Shame on me.
A side note to Mad Max: The version they showed this weekend on AMC is the original Australian version. For years the version we got in North America was redubbed with American voice actors-you can see how they sometimes don't quite sync up becasue they use different phrases like "we gone".

Toe Cutter sounds less like a cartoon characture and more like a professor in the Auzzie version! Same thing with Fifi.

Heres on of Wez for you too:
l never really thought of myself as a freak. But l'd love to freak.
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