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Two recent ones come to mind; perhaps I'll add more as my memory banks kick in.

#1 Riding forest trails in the Boston Mountains (Ark) I was attempting to skirt a puddle in the middle of the trail (don't ask me why, the bike and I were already plenty muddy) when I took the line a little too wide and my left handguard (Cycra pro-bend) smacked a trailside tree. What would normally have been a little oopsie at low speed turned into a smack-ya-down at 25 mph. In an instant, I found myself on the ground with my bike merrily chugging along next to me.

#2 I had taken my kids to a private riding area. I was experimenting with the bike and decided to make a run at the widowmaker hill climb in the rough section of the forest. The trail was bracketed on both sides by trees. Needless to say, I didn't make it to the top, but went left off the trail as my momentum ran out, and looped the bike. I went tumbling down the hill like a rag doll, but the bike decided that it liked living in the nearest tree branch in an upside-down position. The biggest challenge I had was regaining that hill and trying to wrestle the bike from the clutches of that tree.
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