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Here's a couple of inside notes to ADV'ers: (and A RANT!)

First, someone organize a Meet Up for all you guys to ride out and see this event (and the crawler race the following Friday!)

I'll try to get something cool organized around it, maybe a special autograph session with the riders all in one place at one time.

The course is way more spectator friendly and accessible to view a few sections per lap if on a bike. We will have spectator maps available in Hammertown.

I'm putting worker teams together, PM me if you want to be included. We will be out a week early marking course and then needing a lot of help on the day of the race. Especially helpers with good 4X4 who want to participate.

You can still enter and I'm a little bummed on the lack of entries in my opinion. For as many riders who said, "make a hard enduro race and I'll be there", I'm wondering where all these guys really are?

This race is for all the guys who claim to be real good and tough riders who can ride "ANYTHING" well, lets see it in the real world. There are plenty of guys who talk the talk, but we've created an event where you can go out with the best riders in the world and see how you stack up or if you can go as far or farther than them. You know that guy who you ride with that is such a good rider (and maybe tells you about it?) Well, sign them up and see how good they are.

The spirit of this race is one rider and one bike without outside help. (Or two riders and two bikes in the team class, they ride together so they can help each other.) So you could show up in your pick-up truck and a can of gas and have every bit of a chance as the next guy once the flag drops. (And the start will be more unspectacular than last year)

And in reality if the participation does not pick up then it will just go away. And yes, you'll have to travel to Europe of SA to do a real extreme enduro. I dreamed of bringing an event like this to the US since I rode my first Gilles LaLay Classic in the mid 90's and we have the perfect venue to create an event that has as much potential as Erzberg, but it is going to take more riders than we have now.

So, if you know someone who is thinking about doing this, convince them or they may never get a chance. Just a warning...

And if you are worried about this race being too tough, take this how you like. I rode the entire course, by myself, unassisted on a 6-year old bike. I'm old, washed up, some say fat and out of shape, so if any of you guys, especially those hot up and coming kids, can't do it, well then I'm just a better rider than you! We can talk about it at the finish line, I'll be there to greet you.

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