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Another thing to consider is Ben's dislike for travel and being vocal about some of his adaptations to living in Europe for periods of time.
The Europeans take a slightly jaded view of Americans in particular who do not take great measures to adapt.
( This is from personal experience living and working in several different countries over my work career) I personally like living in Europe and would go back in a heart beat, but my wife prefers to live here.

I think Ben got better at it after he started leaving Mom at home, but that's subjective.

Colin Edwards has adapted pretty well, but he is a strange breed of dude.

Nicky Hayden also has fit in pretty well, but he has a bigger support group and from what i read sort of stays away from women . He said one time when asked about that, he always looks at them and says to himself, is she going to help my career or make me a better rider ?, or something to that effect.
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