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Originally Posted by Blue Icebreaker View Post
Great RR Noah! And if you loved Croatia now you should definitely come during summer. Even more women... in summer dresses :) I also recommend some island hopping and dropping by some national parks.

How come you will stay for 4 months in Georgia? For the love of snowboarding or waiting for the snow to thaw to be able to go on? Russia to the far east?
Mostly for the love of snow. Did I say love? I meant addiction. I have been skiing since I could walk and snowboarding since I was 11. I have heard good things about the snow and mountains in Georgia and I need to find out for myself.
Along with boarding every day, I will be securing my Visas for Russia and the Stan countries. I have the Rosetta stone for Russian and I will hopefully try go get some of the language in my head before starting in the spring. I also plan on making sure the bike is up to the task.

Have you seen the movie "Never Ending Summer"? Its a surf movie made in the 60s. These guys take 1 year and go surf all around the world. When I decided I was going to travel, I was considering trying to do the same thing with a snowboard. Not riding a moto for a few years would be tough on me. Just as tough as not snowboarding. So I figure the best way is to ride in the summer and ride in the winter.

I don't know where I will be next winter.. I was thinking Gulmarg in Kashmir. But getting there before winter would be tough after crossing Siberia. I don't want to rush through south east Asia. My next thought is Japan. Take my time through Siberia then try and get a job in japan for the ski season then keep on the moto after. There is also the possibly of switching summer for winter and heading into the southern hemisphere to New Zealand?

When I started I thought this trip would last 2 years. Well it has been 9 months now and I don't think 2 years will work for me. I'm thinking 5 would be better.. I have started to put the feelers out for contract engineering employment. If the timing is right or the need is there to make some money, I would have no problem working. Even if that means flying back to the US to do a 6 month windfarm contract then continuing to travel.
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