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Originally Posted by Idahosam View Post
Hey Inky... um I mean Fool Hardy just catching up and back tracking and I see you had a nice little outing. I had a TW 200 I bought new in 94, sold it in 2008 I loved that little bike, never failed me. So what up with the KLR?

Hi Sam
The KLR is making bad sounds. It had some metal shavings in the oil, and I found the balancer adjustment bolt loose. I replaced the front balancer shaft and bearings, and the front balancer and sprocket, which took care of most of the noises. I put another fifty some miles on it and no shavings in the oil, but its making a knocking sound. After I get a few other projects done in the garage I'll tear into it. I'm hoping its the stock piston slapping in a worn out cylinder. A 685 kit would fix that right up :) I'm taking advantage of the down time to get better aquainted with the little TW. How you been?
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