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Originally Posted by FoolHardy View Post
Hi Sam
The KLR is making bad sounds. It had some metal shavings in the oil, and I found the balancer adjustment bolt loose. I replaced the front balancer shaft and bearings, and the front balancer and sprocket, which took care of most of the noises. I put another fifty some miles on it and no shavings in the oil, but its making a knocking sound. After I get a few other projects done in the garage I'll tear into it. I'm hoping its the stock piston slapping in a worn out cylinder. A 685 kit would fix that right up :) I'm taking advantage of the down time to get better aquainted with the little TW. How you been?
Well that (685) should put some life back into it for another 50K probably cheaper than a new one.... M/C that is. I am doing honky-dorry sort of speak. I haven't ridden since mid October had to dive into Moya to get some long over-due stuff done kissed a truck on a blind corner with the DRZ at around 30 mph... you know the usual stuff. giving all my money to my daughter to support her adventures around the country in quest of the right med school, etc, etc.. How about you? low profile there bud. I am going to Death Valley end of February can you come out an play for a week?

To everypone in the Boise PNW area I hope all had a wonderful Holiday and I can see some have some really nice gifts that need dirtying up I got a new camera for X-mas a Nikon AW100 pretty cool. It's all I needed

Oh, and a new helmet an Icon-Iink My Arai is about used up

What did Santa bring you? Come on Boise wake up winter bantering should now ensue.
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