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Originally Posted by AlbertaStrom View Post
I don't want to turn your wonderful thread into a debate about Malaria because there are plenty of those around. I have done my research and will make my own decision.

But as a rider planning a South America trip I'm curious from the perspective of one who is traveling as much as you.
Have you or are you planning to take Malaria meds prophylactically? I have read ride reports from others who took insect precautions only. Just trying to get a feel for what other riders are doing.

Oh, and Happy New Year!
Loving the Venezuela stuff
there are positives and negatives about malaria tablets, personally i took them last year down here, and this year i didn't, i listren to local knowledge nowadays they are very expensive and generally not needed everywhere, i have read ride reports from RTW riders in Africa who took them everyday as described and still got malaria, but when they did they were given a medication and told the tablets were virtually useless.

not unlike my response above - so the long and the short of it is - i think it is personal preference and where you are riding, the only definite place is think down hee are in the Amazon basin for sure and also if there are reports of Dengy fever then Malaria is usually close by too

you might want to read this ride report, John a fellow xt660z rider, his girlfriend got malaria and he details it all very well, not sure where in the report, but the whole thing is good reading -
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