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From what I saw on the reliability of quads in the Australian safari event I would work towards knowing every single square inch of your machine by the time you reach the start line. Make sure you understand how every piece fits together and know how to take it apart and rebuild it in the desert if you need to....because you may need to.

I was on a 5+ year plan for Dakar, except I really wasn't. I just kept doing the things that fascinated me and that I enjoyed, and next thing you know, there I was.

Something I think is really important is that you don't view dakar as an end point, but a culmination, just as the last goal was and the next will be. That ensures your heart is pure every step of the way. Reducing it to a bullet point on a bucket list misses not only the point, but also the best way to prepare- it should just be more of what you have been doing.
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