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I agree 100%

Originally Posted by oz97tj View Post
If and when he does crash, we all can jump in line to tell him how he made bad decisions and how he should have done things differently. Then maybe he'll understand how ridiculous he sounds now.

You are reading into things a bit and being a bit too literal with my statement. Having worked many motorcycle accident scenes professionally, I can say first hand that most are operator error and could have been avoided. So I believe you are correct. I also don't think anyone should expect to crash or be ok with it, and therefore should do everything in their power to being a better more prepared rider.

My point was that there are times when things aren't avoidable. Even more specific, a series of events begins to happen and a person is unable to compute the data and respond appropriately in the time frame provided and the outcome is sometimes unavoidable. This could be a deer running out in from of you, or a car pulling out, or as simple as hitting a oil spot on the road. There are far too many variables to predict every thing that will happen during any given ride to always be prepared. In the OPs case, simply changing the trajectory of his bike merely inches could have allowed him to walk away with nothing more than scratches, or killed him. Or maybe not. But he did what he was able to do at the time.

I made the statement about those who have crashed and those that will to make a point only. If any of us really believed we will be in a major accident every so often I'd bet most of us wouldn't be riding. The thing is we all need to realize that we aren't bulletproof and things CAN happen no matter how prepared you attempt to be.

I hope that all makes sense. Either way, shit happens. I should also mention, that in my accident I crashed because I became distracted. There were no other vehicles around. I was about 20 miles from another living human to my knowledge. I believe I'm a pretty experienced rider with lots of various training in different types of riding. I would also like to believe I was prepared and had an out or wasn't riding over my head. The reality is a series of minor things snowballed before I knew what the hell happened and was able to respond. Despite my best efforts in trying to regain control, I was bouncing across pavement and then into trees before I knew it. What's odd is I've been on that road too many times to count and have pushed bikes through way worse scenerios numerous times without issue. That time gravity won. So plan to have an out, but it doesn't always work as planned.
You Sir know what you are talking about.

My latest accident was just like the one you described, my fault and no other vehicles involved and in a curve I had ridden hundreds of times faster than the time I hit the pavement.

You need to drive safe, plan and keep 100% concentration on the task, yet shit still happens.
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