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Cool2 Why is training a good idea?

simple... you get to try before you buy. Sometimes, multiple different combinations, even...

First, how difficult is it to turn a motorcycle (such as a new Triumph Bonneville) into a hack? If I were to buy the sidecar, would that be all I'd need, or do I still need to buy the frame, wiring, etc?
o Dunno' about that, but I'll answer another question you didn't ask... once you have it hacked - leave it that way. A "purpose built" sidecar combination will be a dream to pilot and if you want to go two-wheeling it's better to just go with another bike.

Second, I had read somewhere that a leading link front fork is better to have with a sidecar than a standard telescopic fork. Is this true?
Third, I've never even operated a hack. ... Does the MSF do a special sidecar class or am I just thrown onto the road to learn on my own?
o Somebody pointed you to the USCA - good organization. Check their website and elsewhere for rallies... go to one nearby. Ask lots of questions and scope out different rigs. We're used to it... look up "UDF" - as in "Ural Delay Factor"

Fourth and last question, do hacks really kick as much ass as I think they do? ...

o there's a little sumpin' sumpin for everyone.
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