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Originally Posted by hensmen View Post
Dear David,sorry for my pidgin english, after some day`s working, my pidgin English is not the best.
First count on your budget and then on your reflexes. In Germany, we have some dealers, fixing a rig to your Triumph, the price is very high.
Keep your solo and take a used rig. When you have a Dealer in your area, this will show you the direction off your best brand.
Is it a Ural dealer, try it but not higher than 3 k`ays.
Ernest, by the cheapest and drive, drive and enjoy. A hack takes money but spend so a lot off joy, you won`t believe.
On the other hand, are you cruising alone, if not you can take the sandbags, when your partner is on your right side, take themore comfortable hack.
It is so theoretical. the driving, that the best thing is, ask your bank counsellor and fill the gas reservoir.
Whe have in Germoney so problems with uilding a new hack, we are jeaulous with your products,
It is a question off the price, on the other hand, it is worth each dollar, compared to all cost after, mechanic, psychologists and so on.
Ask the inmates for a used one and believe them, there are no other honest people, than under hackist`s, ore how they are called, overseas.
Never thought to met more nice people, then with a Honda.
Beside, driving an air head, daily. Hans
Hallo Hans! Nice rig you got there!

I got a pic of my airhead similarly snowy... someplace or another.
I don't know about the rest of us Stateside folks, but I'm mighty jealous of the many beautiful European combinations I've seen here in ADV and other forums... lots of nice engineering
Me - I kinda' like the term "Sidecar Pilot" myself...
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