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During my tenure in HK, I was limited to commuting. And doing so was worrisome because while I was there (and maybe things have changed) there is no theft insurance on bikes, and no one rents there. Rides to the south side of HK island were fun, as well as rides into the new territories.....and that's about it. The bike thieves there either grab it and stuff in into a van and split, or they will disable it and come back for it later. One of my bikes almost became victim to scheme number two. I paid a watchman to keep an eye on it overnight until I could arrange a tow to a ship to get it repaired. I was lucky.

Living on Taiwan was different. I didn't take advantage of the beautiful island I called home for three years. The mountains, the tribal people and the food were amazing. I only experienced 1/100th of what the island had to offer. I miss it horribly.

Sorry, went a bit off topic here.
It's gotten a lot better with the bike thefts now that mainland Chinese can buy them legitimately (although at crazy tax rates). Though it all depends on the make and model of your bikes; there must've been at least 3 that I know of for the new Honda 700s that were stolen when they just came out "last" year. Compared to what I was used to in Vancouver, Canada I'd say we're pretty safe here where not many people buy comprehensive insurance.

Taiwan is a much larger place where touring on a bike is nice.... there's a lot more companies now catering to renting out bikes like in Japan; never too late to relive the life =)
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