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Originally Posted by Luke View Post
Thanks for posting that video once again. The other bike in the vid was yours truly on the LameCo racing bike. I was completely unaware of RG's approach and pass prior to him blowing by us. Scared the holy hog shit out of me. I was taking up quite a bit of roadway but RG didnt come anywhere near me. Hats off to him for that.

Funny side story ( or maybe not so funny), after Robby blew by both of our old SL Hondas, I was about blinded by the dust, which prompted a rapid slow down. While just creeping along in the near blackout, I spotted movement in the trail. Turns out that a Kitt Fox had been literally cut in two by the hummer, leaving two seperate pieces wiggling their last wiggles. Poor thing,, never knew what hit him I am sure!

That Hummer sounds and feels like it is just shredding whatever may in its path as it rips on by.... Plain NASTY !!! I am sure Mr. Fox would agree!!

TMI I know, but this video brought the scene back to me in full color!!
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