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**EDIT** Anyone have any hints for getting sand out from around the spark plugs before I pull the plugs? I blasted out the holes as best I could with carb cleaner, but i dont have compressed air since I have no power (bikes at a storage place). They look clean now, but im mostly worried about sand/dirt that might be hiding under the thermistor for the vapor tach (on outside spark plug). Any tips would be cool :)[/QUOTE]

You have a GSF12 and you've never cleaned out the spark plugholes before? I'm surprised. I have an RF900 (basically the same motor) and I clean mine every time I pull the plugs. Maybe we get more dirt over here. Everyone's talking about ways to blow air down the holes. I suck. I really do. I have a piece of plastic conduit just large enough to slide over the plugs, and it's sleeved up with progressively larger bits of conduit till it fits in the end of my vaccuum cleaner hose (the old one in my shed). Before I pull the plugs I drop the conduit adapter over each plug and suck the dirt out. I run around the base of the plug with a long screwdiver blade to loosen any baked on shit, then suck it out again. Then I pull the plug and suck the last bits before I put the new plug in. This carries the risk of your vaccuum cleaner exploding with petrol fumes, but danger adds a little spice to life, don't you think? And exploding vaccuum cleaners are as funny as shit! :)
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