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Originally Posted by Yukicore View Post
Thank you for your answer!

Partially plugged pilot jet? What does that mean? And what do you mean sitting with old gas? You mean like... gasoline? Or gas, the one at the bottom of the carburetor?

Can I unplug those jets by myself? Though I'm not sure that's the case, the bike is running clean, but when used for a while, then randomly it sometimes is just starting to stall, give it some gas, it steadies, and sometimes it will start to stall again and sometimes not. It's not a constant issue, it's sometimes there, sometimes it's not.

With my logic and experience I can conclude this - The carburetor is sometimes exhausting the gas trough the tube, when idle, too fast pace, somehow interfering, disrupting normal carburetor operation. However if I put something at the end of the tube (piece of coarse cloth), to slow down the exhaustion of the gas, when Idle bike works perfect, however when revving, the cloth then interferes with the exhaustion process by blocking the gas, also disrupting carburetor operation.

Is it really normal that the tube is without any filters, just a tube?

As to the jets - the previous poster meant the jet is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Cleaning the jets means, generally, taking the float bowl off the carb to gain access to the jets. The jets are what regulate the amount of fuel flowing through the carb and into the engine after being mixed with air. It is a fairly simple job to clean the jets but it requires some dis-assembly of the carb and good carb cleaner. Sometimes it requires some soaking of parts to remove the old fuel varnish that has accumulated inside the jet. Google motorcycle carb jet to get an idea of this.

Generally, a blocked carb jet will result in consistent engine behaviour at the same engine speed (RPM). The carb has more than one jet. Often there are 3 jets: idle, mid and large.

I don't understand much of what you are trying to describe above.

Seems you need to take the bike for assistance.
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