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Originally Posted by Clay Spinner View Post
How did you set the deadline... why is there a deadline? I'm naive as to how tv things work hence the question.
Thanks for asking Clay! The deadline is part of how Kickstarter works. They have you set a deadline, no longer than 60 days. They recommend 30. This creates a sense of urgency for backers and project holders to get the word out and so things don't linger.

Also, the deadline is part of the ALL or NOTHING system where unless you reach the entire goal (in our case $150K) none of the backer's fund's are taken. This insures projects have the funds they asked for and will be completed so backers get their rewards.

I hope this makes sense.

We had the project on in the summer for 30 days and a larger amount and didn't come close...This time we just...might...make it.

Thanks for asking!

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