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yea thats my biggest concern is what kind of shape the plastics are in. who makes the guards for these? I would definatley do that. I made a quick search of ebay, and notoced there are not a big source of used oem parts like more common Jap bikes. That is a concern sometimes. Though I think ebay worldwide would prob be a better source? I go and see it in the morning and test-drive it. Is there any quirks or important things to look for on the TA specifically (like weak frame points , engine weakness's and such) the owner tells me it has a slight valve cover leak, on most bikes, thats not a big deal, but not sure on this one. I'll keep all posted. Ive heard also the brake systems on the TA suck too, my biggest concern is tthe rear drum. Ive read you can change out the swingarm from an africa twin and do a disk brake setup ?
Might want to check the front sprocket shaft splines for wear. Seems some TAs ,for whatever reason, have unusual wear. Real PITA to change that shaft. Looks like it's missing it's skid plate. Mas335 had some of his TA parts for sale, if there's any left.
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