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I have to agree with Solo and Drjoe that those are WP Extremes 50mm.

I have spent the last 2 days looking at hundreds of pictures of WP Xs and what few pics I could find of the last version of the Marzocchis and I am 90% sure that yours are the late 90s KTM WP Xs and not the Marzocchis I thought they might have been.

Just to clarify, I am by no means the only person who has confussed the 2. The last versions of the both of those brands look VERY similar and I found adds for both brands for sale that even the owners were not sure what they had. KTM did use BOTH brands in the late 90s...even over lapping years.

I would still take them into a good KTM dealership to make that last 10% confirmation when you have a chance.

Thanx to others for helping ID these.
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