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Originally Posted by Rusty Rocket View Post
That was a problem I had on my KDX's years ago. I used to race enduros on them. They had the rubber cones and every time you fell and hit the bars with any force, they would twist like that. The solution was a metal "bridge" that was the right size to put all 4 handlebar clamp bolts through it and make it a one piece top clamp. (my KTM has it ) Then it couldn't twist like yours did. I wish there was a clamp like that avail for the DR. I ride mostly offroad and have had that twist happen. Fortunately while it's not a race, I can take the time to loosen the clamps and straighten the whole deal. I have marked my bars with a scratch mark where they line up with the clamp so I can get them back into the correct position without any trial and error.
I've twisted my rubber cone dampers several times from falls. I've never bothered to take anything apart. I simply put the handle bar against the opposite stop and push. Now go back to center and see how you did. Need more? Go too far? It's all easy to adjust. But riding is the key. Get on the bike ... make sure everything is straight while riding. If either the forks or rubber cones are tweaked ... the bike will track off center, and the bars may appear not centered. They BOTH need to be centered up.
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