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The Joy of Wrenching

I REALLY enjoy working on my motorcycles. There is so much to learn and so many systems to explore. Each manufacturer solves the same problems in slightly different ways.

Sure there are days when I cuss stuck nuts or wonder who thought we should take off a dozen parts to get to the whachizit.

Most often, though, I'm glad to know how the motorcycles I ride are put together. By doing my own work I can gauge the wear on parts and decide for myself when to replace. I can ride knowing that the mechanic CARED about torquing the head bolts.

And I like making my own racks and parts and brackets. Each project lets me match the bike to my priorities instead of whatever the bean-counters settle on for low production costs or compact shipping. So many commercially-available parts are either chrome or made for racing and would not suit my needs at all.

Last summer I was busy and had some work done for me. I didn't learn much about the motorcycle at all and at the end it seemed like a lost opportunity.

I am very happy to be one of the many here working on our own motorcycles. I say that we are the fortunate ones.

(Please excuse me. It's winter in Maine and I've been working on a motorcycle and was simply overcome . . . . )

(Oh, yea . . . I like riding them too.)
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