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Originally Posted by RoninMoto View Post
Have you seen the movie "Never Ending Summer"? Its a surf movie made in the 60s. These guys take 1 year and go surf all around the world. When I decided I was going to travel, I was considering trying to do the same thing with a snowboard. Not riding a moto for a few years would be tough on me. Just as tough as not snowboarding. So I figure the best way is to ride in the summer and ride in the winter.
I found the movie - but the title is 'The Endless Summer'. I'll make sure to see it! Sounds great. NOw that I've read a little bit about the movie and seen what you are doing right now, I am beginning to understand what it means to live one's dream :) Congrats man!

Originally Posted by RoninMoto View Post
My next thought is Japan. Take my time through Siberia then try and get a job in japan for the ski season then keep on the moto after.
I suppose that it would be relatively easy to find a job in the wind/solar/alternative energy industry in Japan, considering it's one of the countries that is almost completely dependent on imported gas and oil? I mean, as far as I know precisely because of this dependence that they pushed the solar energy technology development as far as they have. But it's one of the most expensive countries also... How much can one save while living there?
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