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Of course this is all personal and subjective... It IS interesting to get everyone's take on full resto, running mods, patina, etc.- and I completely enjoy reading everyone's posts here.

My main "beef" (I guess you may call it) with restorations is parts origins. NEW parts origins, specifically. Having said that, this point would really be my sole argument against spending mad amounts of $$$ on a restored bike. Like many other things, I can only imagine the Chinese are exporting Brit Bike bits, and I know for sure the Indian after market is strong, as I know at least one Englishman who has bought from an Indian parts supplier. This makes sense, considering the English occupation/colonization etc. of India.

Yet, I wonder at this point in time,
A: how much trouble it would be,
B: what would it cost
to do an all USA, (and/or) Canadian, (and/or) British parts ONLY restoration?

Is such a thing even possible? Where are the highest quality repop parts coming from?
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