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Originally Posted by toro618 View Post
please excuse my noob question.

Are the gas stops seperate locations from the service area? Or do the stages have a different starting line but all finish at the same service/gas finish line?
The gas stops can be anywhere you need them while you're on a 'transit' (traveling between timed race stages). If you're transiting between timed stages and you see a gas station, pop in for a splash and maybe a doof if you need one and have enough time. Just don't miss your start time at the next timed section. You'll know what time you need to be at the next timed stage (as well as how far it is) by looking at your card and doing the math.

Like this; ride down some roads at legal speeds to a predetermined location where a timed race stage will take place. Wait at said place for your turn to start. Ride with your hair on fire till you cross the end of the timed stage. Ride down some roads at legal speeds to the next predetermined location where the next timed stage will take place. And the cycle repeats itself over and over.

Barring that, you'll get your gas (and your doof) during the service period around mid day from your pit crew at the bivouac.
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