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Well I'll be damned..

It took me a few hours to fall asleep last night as the winds got a little crazy with the non-stop tent flapping going on. I figured it was probably from not having much wind protection as there really wasn't much of anything around me when I set up camp. In the morning I realized this was because I managed to camp on the mountain top. The only thing higher then me was a rock spire that I couldn't resist climbing for a photo op.

Forgive me for taking a ton of pictures of my campsite, I was pretty proud of myself..

Once I thoroughly documented my campsite, I headed down to try the salt flats in the day and see if there was anything going on.. As luck would have it, there was a race that day

Wicked tough

I heard this one did 400 something mph..

I finally tore myself away from drooling over the races and hit the road in search of food covered in gravy..
F yeah..

The rest of the day was pretty boring.. I-80, good weather, 500 miles of slab in one day. Put a good play list on the earbuds and phased out until I got home.


Thanks for following along

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