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RTW on native bikes?

Recently I watched the Long way round, a good series. But one thing got my gears turning more than anything else during the whole show. That's when the camera mans bmw broke down and they bought him a local pos in the middle of Mongolia. Now that got me thinking of doing a RTW trip on cheap used/local bikes. If/when one breaks down and you can't fix it, sell if for what you can and buy another cheap pos. I enjoy fixing things, so that would only add to the experience, your opinion may very. Has anyone ever heard of someone doing something like this? How hard is it to go to another country and buy a motorcycle? And then would you be able to cross borders with it, or would you have to sell it at the border and buy another on the other side. It's not a realistic trip for a broke college student, but just thought I'd bounce the idea off you guys to see if it can even happen.
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