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Oddball behavior with Custom POI files

I've been playing with custom POI files after reading Post # 1935-1938 way back in January '12 from DVWalker.

Several of them went well, then I started seeing this behavior: (posted on the Garmin POILoader forum)

I have created a half dozen *.gpi files with POILoader from *csv or *gpx files with a custom bitmap for each.

When I look for them in "Extras" on the Montana, they appear as originally named along with 6 instances of "Garmin", which has a single POI named "Poi" right at my house.
This POI is NOT in any of the original files, it's being created during the conversion to *gpi process.

I'm converting into a HDD folder, the GPS is not connected, so where is POI Loader getting that lat/long from?

I use special directories for POILoader data, only including one bitmap and one *.csv or *.gpx file at a time, so there is nothing else in there for the Loader to see.

When I look at the *gpi files with GPS Data Team's online editor, each *gpi file has as it's last entry the lat/long for my house, named as "Poi".

However, this POI does not show in the listings of that file when viewed on the Montana, i.e. "Arizona Rest Areas", it only shows up in a separate list called "Garmin" with only that one identical poi in it, "Garmin" being repeated six separate times.

Any of you gurus have an idea what's happening?
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