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Originally Posted by JettPilot View Post
This is PERFECT !!! You learned a valuable lesson and it did not cost you anything Consider yourself very lucky and never forget.

I loved playing in the snow on a motorcycle as a teenager, I would take out my little brothers Honda 50, and drift it around corners, and just have so much fun sliding everywhere. The bike was so light and small, I would just put out my feet the many times it wanted to go down, feet sliding along with it.

Given lots of expeience in the slippery stuff, there is no way I would ride any motorcycle with ice or snow around. You will go down, and you will get hurt !!! ( Unless its a microbike in the snow ).

Unfortunately it being my only transportation it happened a second time with the damage being a little less unforgiving.

Called my girlfriends aunt asking if I could get a ride or use her car for work since it was snowing and I feared losing my ass on the roads. With a shaky "I dunno I don't really drive in the winter." I essentially told her forget it and I would try and manage.

10pm rolls around and it's time to go to work. It's only 2 miles away and maybe just maybe they salted by now.

I start her up and make my trip out of the parking lot. Look at the roads with about a centimeter of snow and some dry patches. Trying to reassure myself that I can handle this. I head out on my way. I come up to an intersection and see that the road ahead is completely covered in snow. Screw that I told myself and turned back around hoping that I could get her to change her mind on riding me to work.

500ft from home I hit a patch and woosh i'm on my ass and my bike is skidding about 15 ft away on the snow. In near tears I get back on start going get to 5mph and drop her again. Pissed off I said fuck it and walked the bike home knocked on the door and told her I just crashed and definitely needed a ride. After a small lecture about not having a real vehicle she gives me the keys and urges me to be careful.

I busted up my hip and my arm. Nothing serious just bruising and swelling.

Damage to the bike this time around resulted in a total of 3 scrapes and a slightly bent signal. A small plastic piece under the fold out passenger pegs also broke off.

Dealer ordered me some paint and i'm going to patch up the scrapes come Spring. No mechanical damage from what I can tell which is good. Unfortunately it's obvious now that the bike has been dropped. Which isn't going to do me any favors come time to trade it in or sell it.

I am fortunate though that I am still okay. It's my first bike and I guess year rounders always run the risk of hurting themselves come the winter season.

I just know now that i'll either car pool with a co-worker when it snows or walk.

I should of learned this lesson the first time around when I only got a shot across the bow.

On the bright side despite all this I did make it to work only 3 minutes late. ;P
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