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Originally Posted by Geek View Post
Cool thanks. It had been a while and I couldn't remember for sure but I assumed I did the graphic right at the time.

I seem to remember laying out the money for the Euro lens specifically because I wanted to throw an HID in my low beam and still have a halogen in the high beam so that I could flip it off and on in the canyons without any HID firing delay (same thing I did on my Husky).

Mind you I put a 55 watt HID low beam in my euro lens... there is so much light the high beam is pretty much irrelevant

Guys, the previous owner had installed an upgrade for the stock lights, may be Xenon as he told me, and it's not connected so the lights are European Spec since I bought it.
Soon I will have some time to check what really is that black box on the left of the stock lights and I'm sure I will neeed your already posted info and your merciful help for a noob as well...


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