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Might want to replace that roller

Take this FWIW - especially as it is based on one picture. To me it looks like the surface of the roller is starting to fail and part of it is starting to flake off. Failure mode is often described as "brinneling" and basically the surface of the roller has a bunch of micro fractures and the metal starts spalling off as the fractures connect. Also looks like there is a matching track on the cam below it. Generally caused by excessive loading of the surface of the material.
Would recommend replacing the roller. Also check the other rollers as well for similar surface cracking indications.
Just out of curiousity - what weight oil are you running?

Originally Posted by RoninMoto View Post
I was checking my clearance today and they are loose. So tomorrow I will shim them. On one of my intake rollers it has some funny wear or deposited that I have not seen before.

I have 1700 km to Tbilisi Georgia then I won't be riding for 4 months to rebuild the suspension and whatever else is needed. It seems like my only option would be to get to Georgia then order parts if this should be replaced. Your thoughts?
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