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690 vs 640


I cant be of much help with used 640 pricing, but It would be great to hear from some inmates who have ridden or owned both a 640 / 690. I can't say I fall into that category but I had a friend who owned a 690 after a Yamaha WR 450... He sold the 690 after three months and bought a 530 EXC; which he held onto for two more years. He said the 690 was overkill (too heavy) for his tastes. He rode the Rocky Mountains and foothills of southern Alberta. He is a very good rider, 6' 2" about 205 lbs and in great shape. Not a motorcycle racer (bicycle racing background), preferred to trail ride but capable of higher speeds. I was surprised when he sold it - but he was even happier on his 530. He probably did about 70% dirt and 30% pavement. I think if he was still into dual sports today, he would buy a 500 EXC and would be as happy as pie. .. Given what I have heard and read about the new 500!

Myself, I love my 640 but would love to try a new 500. Circumstances predicate me keeping the 640 (must ride to the trails) - no truck or trailer- and prefer off-road or at least gravel (former cross country motorbike racer and mountain biker)... I consider pavement as a necessary evil yet somewhat enjoyable portion of my rides, but I am off-roader at heart. I am 6' and 215 so I fit the 640... but I have tipped on the single track on the downhill side (solo) and have spent 20 sweaty minutes extricating myself while slapping mozzies and sweating under my ATGATT! At that point, I was pining for my KDX 200 or a KTM 500!

I guess you need to consider your optimum riding conditions, talk to those with experience on those bikes, and maybe do a black book search with the specific year - this will give you retail and wholesale pricing.

Good luck and enjoy whatever you get!
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