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Originally Posted by Mike_a View Post
that got me thinking of doing a RTW trip on cheap used/local bikes. If/when one breaks down and you can't fix it, sell if for what you can and buy another cheap pos. I enjoy fixing things, so that would only add to the experience, your opinion may very. Has anyone ever heard of someone doing something like this? How hard is it to go to another country and buy a motorcycle? And then would you be able to cross borders with it, or would you have to sell it at the border and buy another on the other side.
As stated above, it depends a lot on the area. In Europe, North America, Australia and a few other ´western´ countries it might actually work quite well, though you still need to do your homework on registering, insurance, etc.

But as I understand it´s the ´more exotic´ regions you´re interested in, like Asia and Africa? Then I think it would become much harder, especially to cross borders, and do many countries with one vehicle. Buy in a country, and sell in the same country, ok could be do-able, but to really do a RTW-tour this way? I think it would be easier to just get a bike from home, prepare it, and get its paperwork done at home, and then go with the one bike. The idea of buying a “local POS” might seem appealing, but it could have its downsides, too... like when you really happen to get the worst POS there is, and you spend most of your time at workshops, or stranded somewhere......

Some particular areas, however, may be exceptions: 11 years ago I did manage to visit 8 southern African countries on a bike rented from South Africa (the owner gave me a written permission for me to cross borders, that maybe helped, and also the fact that several of those countries were in the same customs union). If I could do it on a rental bike, I think I could have done it on a bike bought from South Africa, too. (But remember it was a long time ago).

Also bikes from Thailand should be able to visit Cambodia, Laos and in reality Malaysia as well (without a carnet, though Malaysia is officially a carnet-country). That would also be a very good trip. And haven´t done it myself, but I hear that similar options (buy somewhere, and ride at least a few countries) exist in some parts of South America as well.
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