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I'm 51. I used to be able to ride anywhere, and keep up with most people. We had a good time hauling ass through the woods, in the desert, and pretty much everywhere. I got out of it for a bit, a couple of years, then bought a KTM500MX, rode it for a while to get back up to speed, then a YZ250 2 stroke, which was a great bike. Then I bought an 06 YZ450F, brand new. And it seems that I start getting behind what the bike is doing, after a bunch of turns, I'm at least a turn behind what the bike is doing, I'm not keeping up with it. And scared the shit out of myself a couple of times, coming real close to bailing in a big way. So, I sort of backed away from it a bit, most of the guys I rode with quit riding, and eventually, traded the 450 off. But I recently bought a bicycle on the advise of my doctor, get some wind back and coordination and all, and I'm thinking KTM 300 in the next several months. I don't know if I'll be able to get back to the level I was at, but hopefully closer than I was on the 450. It seems like I lost some timing, coordination, and general fitness.
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