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Originally Posted by RoundOz View Post
Anyone else want to chime in here? Other guys have installed these projectors inside KTM headlight shells and reported no heating problems. Some guys have even painted the reflectors black, which I would think would make them more susceptible to absorbing heat. RSC, any ideas why your setup could be heating up so much? Do you have a 8000k bulb or a dirty or colored headlight cover (thinking of anything that might hold the heat in...) I read some car threads of guys having problems with projectors inside "smoked" lights, but had very few hits on projectors + melting.
Maybe there was a defective run of reflectors...seems I read of some inmates fitting Euro lights and being disappointed that the insides were melted/damaged after a while. I cant remember if this was with Halogens or HIDs for sure, but I think the latter. I have been running a 35W HID in my stock US reflector for about 6000 miles with no issues (and no huge improvement on the light quality - reason for buying the projector)
Is RSC running both projectors simultaneously?

Defective reflectors? It sounded like RSC was talking about the plastic portion that holds the condenser lens. The rest of the projector is metal.
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