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AMuS looks at what we might see in 2013

In Formula 1, is a constant search for new tricks. Copying the competition is part of the business. We show that technology trends have emerged in the past season and what we will see them in the new F1 year.

To stand still is known in Formula 1 step backwards. Who the pace of development can not keep up with the competition comes back automatically. Clever tricks remain at this high level is not long undetected. Interesting ideas are instantly copied to the computer and tested in simulations. Distinguishes itself from its own advantage, is copied mercilessly.

In one season, but not everyone can be imitated trick. Some solutions simply do not fit into the concept of having a car. Would have Mercedes as happy nachgeifert competition from Red Bull and McLaren, who made ​​themselves an advantage with flexible front wings. On Silberpfeil however prevented the used air channels of the dual-DRS that the wings in the wind will bend slightly.
Developments with old technology ideas

Sometimes a copy of tricks is just too expensive. So the Mercedes from the start was on the integration of the trachea from the rear wing designed by the car across the front wing. Reproduction impossible. Red Bulls also complicated system tray in the rear remained until the end without imitators.
That could change, however, the 2013th In the development of completely new car engineers had enough time to implement all of the ideas competition. Air flows through the rear a la Red Bull, we will see them again or something like. The Mercedes Double DRS has no future, however. It is forbidden by the new regulations.
Which exhaust version will prevail?

A big construction site in 2013 remains the exhaust. Gradually, during the past season all teams moved her tail pipe in a duct. Only Williams and HRT set to last for a conventional solution. But even with the "Coanda Group" - named after the physical principle of it was air-line differences.
2012 emerged two versions. Renewed with as Red Bull, Clean and Lotus on shaft, which was on the top of integrated inside the hood. McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes later went another way. They laid the channel that directs the exhaust gases, in a document issued bump on the outside of the body.
Which version will prevail in the coming season, we can not yet say. In our gallery we will show you the mentioned trends and tell you what we expect in 2013, yet the technology front.
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