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Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
Some particular areas, however, may be exceptions: 11 years ago I did manage to visit 8 southern African countries on a bike rented from South Africa (the owner gave me a written permission for me to cross borders, that maybe helped, and also the fact that several of those countries were in the same customs union). If I could do it on a rental bike, I think I could have done it on a bike bought from South Africa, too. (But remember it was a long time ago).

Also bikes from Thailand should be able to visit Cambodia, Laos and in reality Malaysia as well (without a carnet, though Malaysia is officially a carnet-country). That would also be a very good trip. And havenīt done it myself, but I hear that similar options (buy somewhere, and ride at least a few countries) exist in some parts of South America as well.
This is good to know. I am considering a trip staring in South Africa where I would buy a bike and travel around some of the southern african countries and then return to South Africa to sell the bike.

I did a bit of research when in Ecuador too. You can buy a brand new chinese import dirt bike for around $1000 (US) in Quito and take it at least into and around Colombia without need for any carnet / documents.
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