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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
You'll want sticker tires at the start. You'll need a spare set and the club will haul them for us. Most of us will use good quality DOT knobby's. Some will use a more street oriented dirt tire in back like a Scout of Mefo.

Figure changing the rear in the hotel parking lot in Dawson or Fairbanks. Probably change the front around Whitehorse on the way back to Seattle.

In 2010 I made the whole trip on a set of Mefo Explorers, but the front was just terrible in the mud, so I won't try that again. It ruined a good part of the South Canol road for me having to creep along in the slop, wobbling from rut to rut for 130 miles. .

I don't know what to suggest for rim sizes, but if you ride that cool Kawi you are building, I'd probably select a rear rim similar to the large adventure OEM wheels. Maybe a 3.5 (140X17) or 4.0 (150X17) in back and a 21 inch front rim that would support a 90/90 tire. The BMW 800GS might be a good model.

Large powerful singles like my 690 wear a 140x18 rear and a 90/90 21 front. Smaller singles wear a 120 or 130 rear. The major benefit of the smaller tires is ease in spooning and price.

I don't think anybody ran the tubliss insert.
Thanks I was wondering about actual tires too, I have used the dunlop 908rr with success and probably would use that with a good dot knob front. You think more street ish tire to start and more knob to finish off?

I'm getting the rear in a 2.50" rim width I think. It's a dirt bike rear end so I can't go too wide. Front will be a 1.60" excel a60. I have a 2.15" on there now in the rear.

Glad to hear about the rotopax I've based a lot on my build to using one
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