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Originally Posted by Bueller View Post
Since the original topic of this thread was a Toyota truck that the OP was thinking about lifting 2.5" mainly for looks, it's a bit of a stretch to assume there's now a traction issue in snow or a clearance issue for the OP. But since it seems people want to discuss this, consider that what most people seem to miss about lifting is in most vehicles the diffs are the lowest point (unless you have front AND rear independent suspension), and suspension or body lifts do nothing to change any of that. The only way to change ground clearance is to put on bigger tires, and that's where lifting comes in so the body can clear the bigger tires as well as gain articulation (if the right kind of lift kit is used).
Being in snowy NY for 50 winters, I'd like to point out that any lifting of the undercarriage is a help. Packed snow under your skidplates sucks. Many years ago I frequently got stuck in the snow with my old Subaru Brat while playing off road. A 8" lift still had parts dragging through but the body was no longer hanging up on packed snow. Modern snowmobiles got rid of the huge belly pan for the same kind of reasons. Did I say digging out packed snow sucks?
Anyway, I have the 2.5" lift and will put it in this spring. No new tires or rims.
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