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Originally Posted by Sporting Wood View Post
I drained my oil and ran it for 15 minutes with diesel fuel in its place
-1 You definitely do NOT want to run diesel fuel or kerosene in plain-bearing equipped engines. An "Old Wives Tale" that is out of date (many decades old) This has come up at factory Tech Training sessions over the years and is always answered with "no" along with laughs & nervous smiles.

Originally Posted by gefr View Post
I would think running the motor with diesel is somewhat extreme. Washing it with diesel is nice but running bearings and gaskets and camchain tensioners with diesel instead of oil...

Originally Posted by Pete640 View Post
Flush with cheap oil but dont just run it to temp - take it for a few rides and then when its nice and warm dump the "cheap" oil n replace with whatever brand of good quality oil you like. Run it around on the new stuff with a new filter and pull it before you go to Africa to see if there are any new waves (hopefully not).
My $2c. The mesh screen filters are good for trips as they dont inhibit oil flow if the water pomp seal happens to die..
+1 Ride the bike for about an hour to completely evaporate moisture the the oil picks up in the engine and dump it as soon as you get home. Immediately fill the bike and ride it again to bring the fresh oil to temp & evaporate the remnants of moisture. Recommnd Scotts stainless steel mesh filter.
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