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Originally Posted by tslewisz View Post
Those Bucks weigh a ton. I don't think it'd work in a pocket for me. I got rid of all my "tactical" folders and went back to traditional. I carry a Victorinox SAK, Case Sodbuster, Case Trapper, or Russel stag "Barlow". Then I augment with a 3-5" fixed bladed knife either on belt or stuck in the right-side leg pocket of carpenter's pants.

Motomantra - Good story about Gerber. I used to collect them when they were USA made.
As much as I love the Folding Hunter (Buck Model 110) it is a heave beast and slow to open. I have had many, but none now. I also (usually) carry a slip joint as well as a tactical folder too. Usually it is either a Case Seahorse Whittler, or a Vic Swiss Army knife. I think they call mine the tinker.
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