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Originally Posted by ttpete View Post
So, using that logic, you wouldn't mind if they backed a truck up to your house and loaded up the entire contents of the place?

I'm quite aware that anything can be done given enough time and tools. What I do is to make it difficult enough so they look for someone else's stuff to steal. Like yours.

Those who are stupid enough to try anyway will almost certainly leave in a body bag via the morgue wagon.

Sorry, the material object in this hypothetical is worth what in your opinion again?

...Look, I love my first condom too, but I gotta be realistic here... (Not gonna stretch it over a Billy Bass and say "hey y'all, watch this" every time company comes over.)

And as much as I lov... like my bikes, it's a part of life to deal with loss and the new bike will be welcome and accepted in time.
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Everybody's always talking out the side of their mouths about our "dependency on foreign oil", what about our dependency on cheap china crap? Who exactly again is killing our dollar?

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