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Alright - I gotta get my shit together because DaFoole is getting ready for his trip and he needs info and ideas.... so here goes.

We stayed the night in Gonzaga Bay but I could have retired right then and there. What a spot. You really dont want to leave. EVER.

HOWever - it was my wifes Bday that next day and she wanted to move on. Mostly because she didnt want to spend her Bday on a bike in the dirt (ahhh how ironic it is because i usually WANT to spend my bday on a bike in the dirt)

There was a crew of guys there from Colorado on dirtbikes - well if you can call a KLR a dirtbike. They were nice guys but kept mostly to themselves.

so we set off on the only actual adventure part of the trip. we had no idea what the dirt was goin to be like and if we couldnt make it back to the highway, we were going to have to backtrack all the way to Ensenada.... and we did NOT want to do that.
So off we go into the desert.

the road was doable, two up on a GS if you had some experience. Solo GS would be pretty easy - almost good for a newish rider. On a dirtbike almost boring.

two up with food, gear, tools, oil, water, camping equipment and wife.... trickier.

As it turned out, we were actually on the Baja 1000 course from the weekend before, so it was pretty rocky and beat down.

I was geeking out about the race arrows and MADE quyen get off the bike and take a few pics

the desert out there is legit desert. Not this pansy-ass California desert we have. The desert out here is the real deal.

I started getting comfortable in the dirt and we hit some sand so I wicked it up to 35 - 40 -45 mph. All was well till we hit a really deep patch of sand which sent us into one of the biggest slides of my life at about 50 mph on a 1000 lb. bike. I thought for SURE we were going to crash - and it was that feeling when you KNOW it's going to be a bad one and you regret trying to be cool on a GS in the dirt. After all, I have always said "When you start to think you're cool in the dirt on a GS is when you crash".
I dont know why/how - but I managed to save it and we did NOT crash. I would like to call it skill but I'm not proud enough to admit it was probably just luck and I thanked who/whatever was necessary for allowing us not to crash that day. It would have been ugly. It would have looked like a KLR garage sale for sure.
I popped open my windscreen and explained to my wife what a "Pucker Moment" is. She agreed and I continued on if first gear.

Celebration for the save of the month.

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
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MX stuff isn't my cup of tea, but falling down the side of a mountain is

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