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Originally Posted by Goldie05 View Post

What disappoints me is Yamaha could be using this for publicity but they don't do anything, nothing, zilts

You don't see any adds on TV I subscribe to a few mags, never see and add from Yamaha (about the Tenere) do see other adds for quads and snowmobiles but nothing for adventure bikes.

Mean time we have guys going around the world on BMWs and there's links to them on Facebook, websites, they visit all the BMW dealers along the way and they advertise how great BMW is
Originally Posted by hayfarmer View Post
Same thing here in Australia.....Yamaha do no promotional work on the S10. It pisses me right off that they have a top product and wont sell it.


Advertising is expensive, so companies don't do it unless:

1) They want to assure a successful launch of a new product
2) There is excess inventory building up that needs to be cleared.

So what does that tell us about the tenere? The market was probably hungry for a bike the the tenere, so it sold well during it's iniital launch and probably inventories have not gotten anywhere near the levels where "extra encouragement" is needed to move them. Companies don't waste money when they don't have to, and the fact that they are moving these bikes without flashy adds is nothing but good news in my book!

And what does that say about the bmw then? I'm not going to comment.
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