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Originally Posted by Dallara View Post
OK, let's see...

- Ford's # 1 selling vehicle in the USA is their F-150 truck (in fact, it's the best selling vehicle, period, in the country), and they spend a ton advertising it.
- GM's # 1 selling vehicle in the USA is their Chevy Silverado truck, and it has the highest advertising dollar percentage of all their vehicles
- Toyota's # 1 selling vehicle in the USA is their Camry, and what do they spend the most money advertising? Why, their Camry.
- Jeep's # 1 selling vehicle is the Grand Cherokee, and what do they spend their money advertising the most?
- Honda's # 1 selling car in the USA is their Accord, and it gets the majority of their advertising dollar spent.
- Honda's # 1 selling motorcycle in the USA is their Gold Wing, and they advertise it heavily.
- BMW's #1 selling car worldwide is their 3-series, and guess what?
- BMW's # 1 selling motorcycle worldwide is their big G/S, and it gets the majority of their advertising budget...

And my local Yamaha dealer has had a nice, brand new 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere sitting on his floor for 9 months, heavily discounted.

I could go on, but can you see a pattern here?


You're not comparing apples to apples.

Advertising does come into play when you have a high volume product in a very highly competetive undustry (fast food, beer, banking, autos). But that doesn't apply to a market like the adv bikes.

It's possible that bmw produces many more bikes than yamaha in this class, so they have to make sure they move them all in a timely fashion, thus they advertise.

My point wasn't that if a product is being advertised it isn't a best seller. I'm just impressed that the tenere has not NEEDED advertising so far to be successful.
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