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Originally Posted by MariusD View Post
You're not comparing apples to apples.

Advertising does come into play is when you have a high volume product in a very highly competetive undustry (fast food, beer, banking, autos). But that doesn't apply to a market like the adv bikes.

It's possible that bmw produces many more bikes than yamaha in this class, so they have to make sure they move them all in a timely fashion, thus they advertise.

My point wasn't that if a product is being advertised it isn't a best seller. I'm just impressed that the tenere has not NEEDED advertising so far to be successful.

Nice dance move... And we're not talking fruit here. We're talking motorcycles, which are motor vehicles last i checked, just like the BMW G/S and the Honda Gold Wing.

I think it's safe to that Yamaha's FJR1300 sells in an equally small market niche as the Super Tenere, yet it gets more advertising dollars than the Tenere.

Using your logic, the Super Tenere was truly a "new product", and one I'm sure they wanted a "successful launch" of, yet advertising for the Super Tenere was almost non-existent in the USA, and certainly not as much as a simple rehash of the FJR has gotten.

Further, Yamaha was launching the Super Tenere into a market dominated by one brand/model - the BMW G/S. There were literally no other competitors. One would think Yamaha would have wanted as many potential *adventure* buyers as possible to know they were entering that market niche.

And now there is even another relatively major player entering that market niche - Triumph with it's new Explorer 1200 - and what is Triumph advertising the most heavily right now? Why, the 1200 Explorer!

Meanwhile there are numerous Yamaha dealers all over the USA with 2012 Super Tenere's sitting on the floor (I personally know of at 3 or 4 in South Texas, and you can see plenty more on Cycle Trader, eBay, etc.), yet no advertising gets spent on the Super Tenere. Have you seen even one ad showing the new colors for 2013?

All this reminds me of an interesting story I heard back when I was in the car business...

William Wrigley, Jr., of Wrigley chewing gum fame, was giving an interview while riding on a train. The journalist interviewing him commented that Wrigley's products were the best selling in the world yet Wrigley still spent massive amounts of money advertising. So then he asked him "If your chewing gum is the best selling in the world why do you spend so much more than your competitors on advertising?" Wrigley simply smiled and said, "Here we are, traveling on a train going over 60 MPH... Do you now suggest we unhook the engine?"

Advertising *drives* product. You can have the best product in the world, but if not enough potential buyers know about then it is destined to fail...

See Yamaha TDM850 for just one example.



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