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I like that Kryptonite chain lock.

The Club (maker of automotive steering wheel locks) also makes a very stout cable lock for motorcycles. Like someone else said back on page one, the thieves would need two kinds of tools, and heavy duty ones at that.

Personally, I use a Krypto U-lock through the rear sprocket, pin style disc lock up front, lock my helmet on top of the mirror (through the bark buster), and lock the steering. It could certainly be lifted into a van, but I do keep full coverage on my travel bike. My dual sport is buried in the back of the garage behind a car, and pretty much only goes to the forest and back.

I loaned my Krypto cable lock to my buddy after he came home to a burglary in progress. In the garage, they had his R1 pushed next to the garage door. In the house, they had his gun safe pushed to the front door, along with all his entertainment system components. They were clearly getting ready for a truck to arrive. He chased the guy 2 blocks, but backed down when he cornered the guy after remembering his loaded handgun had been in the headboard of his bed. That turned out to be a good call, because the gun was gone from it's hiding place.

I gave him a nasty lecture about leaving the gun outside the safe while being away. We now have one more handgun in the possession of a criminal.
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