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I have no idea what y'all are goin' back-and-forth about. However, from my skimming of the posts, it brought something to mind that has always stayed with me (in regard to the ST).

When the H-D execs pooled their cash, and bought H-D from AMF (thereby resurrecting The Motor Company), they focused (aggressively) on three major things...


-QA/QC, and


And, when I post "advertising", I'm not talkin' the run-of-the-mill stuff that we see on a daily basis. Their marketing folks set-out to sell the "lifestyle". Their main focus was to make you believe that your life was shit...and that an H-D was the only thing that could change all that.

No matter what you feel about H-D (Personally, I love 'em, and bleed Orange&Black.), their marketing was PURE FUKKIN' GENIUS.

Now, getting back to the ST...

I have travelled the world (maybe not as much as some, but quite a bit, nonetheless). And, if there's one thing I have noticed, it's that we Americans are (many times) looked at as the big, dumb jock: not very smart, but can lift heavy things.

So, bearing that view in mind, we miss a lot of the cool stuff/designs that are offered in many countries. In fact, when I heard about the ST coming to the States, I was quite surprised, and thought, "That shit will never sell, here: not because it's junk, but because most folks don't know what the hell it is, and don't realize that they want (need) one."

After having that epiphany, I saw the below commercial. In my very humble opinion, if Yamaha woulda' advertised like this in the States, and sold the "lifestyle" instead of just the bike, the dealers woulda' been in the same spot as all the gun dealers, right now: sold-out, cash-rich, and frustrated...

I spent all my money on motorcycles, 4X4's, whiskey, and women...The rest I just wasted. (edited to fit/original phrase by "WIBO")

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