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Wraith, in the US, that old lady could post up on Facebook that she thinks you are a communist and a thief, and you wouldn't be able to do jack shit about it. In Germany, she knows that all she can do is waggle her finger. Just point back and smile. Being different is hard work. Some days, it's freaking exhausting.

There's complete bullshit in both countries, for sure. The entire German school system reeks of favoritism and misery to me. But it does not require university to have a good career and paycheck in the end. Six of one, half-dozen of the other. The German driving license system, OTOH, is a gold standard, IMO. Thankfully, I could afford Fahrschule. Most people who need to drive in the US (due to lack of transit) could not afford a Führerschein, so we put them on the road with an eye test, 20 questions of theory, and a signature. They go to work and pay taxes, and life is good. Not perfect, but good.

Lots of people want perfection, to the point that good enough isn't good enough. From my perspective, a helmet law is the least intrusive option in the sea of potential limitations on the riding of motorcycles. The restrictions could go a few different ways, and each one has more negative implications and effects on the hobby, namely, much higher costs.

I'm ok with a helmet law. And I'm one of the purple (pink, actually) hair crowd, going back to 3rd grade when I got my first dress code violation for wearing a blouse with illegal ruffles. I guess I got hooked. I'm thinking about blue for my next hair. I liked it last time......
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