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Testing a Honda 230L, having grown up on dirt, with minor forays into the paved jungle, I thought - small bike slow speeds, how hard could it be? (Next time those words go through your mind, go to Wal-Mart, and tell the first woman you see she's a fat cow and should really loose some weight. It will result in less damage to your pride, and possibly less personal injury.)
Continuing on... I get use to the bike (first area of danger) and think it is a fun little ride that would be great for using in far off lands where my colleagues work. Next, I turn into a down hill col-de-sac thinking I'll reach the bottom, make my U-turn and head back to the shop for some basic maintenance checks to evaluate how complicated this little tyke is. At the bottom of the col-de-sac there is grey (read same color as tarmac) mud 1/2" thick mixed with gravel and it's wet. I never knew what hit me. The front washed out so fast I didn't have time to get my feet off the pegs and next thing I know I'm picking myself up off the ground. Speed at time of drop was less than what the speedometer will read.
Damage to me:
Road rash through heavy denim shirt, no holes.
Deep cut on knee through heavy jeans, no holes.
Very injured pride.
Damage to bike:
Handle bars misaligned, not even bent.
Loosen triple clamp and set it back all is well, no other marks or damage.
Lesson learned:
NEVER get complacent, no matter how slow you're going.
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