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File import


Improving File import and route saving is the number one issue we are working on right now.

What works fine on our computers isn't working at all on some of software and hardware set ups our Beta testers are using.

In the future, we need to get Rally Navigator less sensitive to these variations.

For now, we are updating our Getting Started content and Welcome email to get new users started:

Optimize Your System for Rally Navigator
Firefox and Google Earth 6.2

Get the New Firefox with IPC Control turned OFF

Speed Test your computer here:

Google Earth plugin API speed test and more info
Modern computer with IPC off should be 40-60 Frames per second

This speed test issues a number of Google Earth plugin API calls for every frame drawn. The number of frames per second is a measure on how fast this is done.

Rally Navigator may make thousands of calls per second to the Google Earth plugin. This is called "Inter Process Communication" IPC for short. If each of those calls takes a tiny amount longer you immediately suffer massive performance penalties. These can be in the order of 5 - 10 times slower that they should be.

Turn off IPC Control to the Google Earth Plug In

Type "about:config" into your address bar, you'll get to a page with a lot of settings. Find the line for "dom.ipc.plugins.enabled =true" and toggle it to "false". Restart your browser and Firefox will run 3-5 times faster!

Get Google Earth 6.2 here

Rally Navigator works best using Google Earth Plugin 6.2
Not the latest GE 7.0 betas.

Get Google Earth Keyboard Shortcuts HERE

LOTS of work left to do.

Thanks for the feedback,
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